Non-Destructive Testing with Videoscope Inspection

Easy to deploy inspection with clear, risk-free results via videoscope

Why choose annulus inspection by videoscope?

Visually checking the integrity of flexible risers and turbines is vital to the continued safety and security of operations. Subsea oil and gas risers, turbines, and power generators are essential pieces of machinery that need to be maintained and kept in good working order to ensure safety and prolonged service life. These machines often operate in extreme environments in which corrosion and damage can cause significant loss of functionality and huge risks.

As equipment (such as the annulus of unbonded flexible pipes) can deteriorate over time, it is important to ensure equipment integrity. Videoscopes (also referred to as endoscopes) offer visual non-destructive testing to ensure that your operations are not compromised in any way. The images and videos will capture real-time corrosion and defects, giving you a clear understanding of your equipment and the preventative measures you may need to take to prevent ruptures and maintain the functionality, safety, and service life of your pipelines, turbines and gearboxes.  

Inspections by videoscope are the ideal tool to use, providing you with clear information without the risk to your engineers. There are many advantages to using videoscopes in this way:

  • Ideal for inspecting hard-to-access areas
  • Easy to deploy, ensuring that the inspection can begin quickly
  • Offer a clear and risk-free way to understand integrity concerns in video and image format
  • Can be used during annulus testing to save you valuable time
  • Provide safety inspections without turbine disassembly and teardown
  • Monitor changes over time

High-quality videoscope/endoscope equipment

Deep sea flexible riser cables and turbines present unique challenges for integrity inspection and testing. The high-quality videoscope equipment used by The Impulse Group provides a cost-effective way to visually inspect your pipe annulus, valves, or wind turbine gearbox. Our state-of-the-art videoscope equipment provides:

videoscope inspection flexible pipe annulus

High-resolution CMOS sensor

 Ensures greater quality and speed of images, as the small pixel pitches capture miniature details with ease. 

3.5m working length

The 3.5m working length makes it suitable for diverse applications, from subsea riser inspection to turbines and generators. 

Internal corrosion flexible pipe and vent port videoscope inspection

Hybrid illumination

The probe comes with hybrid illumination, capturing the smaller details that may be missed using other probes and videoscopes. 

Compact design

Compact for transportation, the videoscope inspection kit is easy to deploy and can move where it is needed without difficulty.

2.4mm videoscope

Allowing access to even the smallest of inspection spaces.

7.0” touchscreen

Providing easy use and crystal clear images and videos to save for your records. 

internal annulus corrosion integrity management videoscope inspecition

2-way articulation

For an exceptional field of view and no need for a mirror adaptor for side vie

State-of-the-art equipment

The Impulse Group prides itself on selecting state-of-the-art equipment to conduct annulus inspections and tests, and the IP67-rated probe is no different. The IP67 rating means that the probe is waterproof and capable of withstanding the pressures of subsea inspections.

First line defence with innovation you can trust

By providing real-time accurate results, you can see exactly where potential problems may arise. The videoscope technology is designed to fit into the smallest of spaces for inspection, from the e internal annulus of unbonded flexible pipes, behind-end fittings and under the bend stiffener of a riser, to turbine gearboxes and generators.

Discuss whether videoscope inspections are right for you

Here at The Impulse Group, we know how vital annulus integrity and turbine integrity is to continued operations. Corrosion, ruptures, or foreign objects can cause significant problems, such as risk to life, loss of productivity and income, and environmental issues. Inspections and tests are some of the ways that you can prevent these potential threats from stopping your business.

Our dedicated team of professional oil and gas and renewable energy engineers use their knowledge of integrity, logistics, and project management to help you. Contact The Impulse Group today to find out which types of inspections are right for you.

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