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State-of-the-art riser inspection and testing capabilities

Riser inspection and maintenance services from The Impulse Group

Subsea risers and flexible pipelines operate for extended periods of time in the harshest environments. This means that the riser must be up to the task, and capable of working at subsea levels and under significant pressure. Riser failures can cause significant damage not only to the pipeline, but also to your staff, the environment, and your business. The risks are significant, which is why conducting regular riser inspections is essential.

As specialists in flexible pipe risers and flowline integrity management, The Impulse Group can help you ensure the safety and security of your flexible risers. Our global technicians and engineers can provide offshore support to complete in-situ inspections and assessments, ensuring the safety of your team, and keeping your business operations running smoothly.

Our state-of-the-art annulus testing kits offer both positive pressure testing, and vacuum/negative pressure tests. We can also sample the gas offshore and send it for analysis, ensuring that you get a complete profile of the potential risks and integrity management solutions you need.

The different types of marine riser inspections available

The Impulse Group specialise in riser engineering and inspection. We conduct visual inspections and technical tests to ensure that flexible risers are safe. The variety of inspections we conduct can be used to suit your requirements.

Annulus testing for flexible systems

Offshore annulus testing is often the first stage of integrity management. We offer both positive pressure and vacuum/negative pressure testing, gas sampling, and vent port flow testing. Alongside a robust integrity management plan, annulus testing will mitigate operational risks and ensure the safety of your organisation.

We have additional venting kits, flow monitors, and offshore investigation kits to meet your specifications.

Videoscope inspection

Using the latest endoscope technology with two-way articulation and a length of 3.5m, we can conduct a visual inspection of inaccessible areas on your riser or turbine. The camera system enables an internal inspection of the annulus and valves to check for corrosion and defects, helping you understand integrity concerns and ultimately improving the safety and efficiency of your offshore system.

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Meeting the various standards and legal requirements is important for your business and the safety of your team. As specialists in flexible pipe risers and flowline integrity management, our dedicated team will help to keep your business operating efficiently, minimising operating costs and ensuring that your pipeline assets remain safe throughout their lifespan. We offer a range of products and services, including training and continued support, when you need it the most.

As well as providing offshore support and in-situ annulus testing and integrity risk management, we also offer the option for you to buy your own annulus testing kit. We can provide full training and support for your engineers, showing them how to operate the kit safely and correctly.  Contact The Impulse Group today to discuss your options.

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