Subsea Umbilical Pressure Monitoring System


Safely Handle Umbilicals with our Monitoring & Testing System

During the transportation and installation stages of a newly manufactured umbilical system, the hydraulic tubes and hoses within the system are fluid filled and can therefore be susceptible to external environmental changes. These changes can lead to an expansion or contraction of the fluids, resulting in large pressure changes in the umbilical which could pose a safety risk to nearby personnel, as the umbilical system is heated to dangerous pressures levels. Negative pressures, due to a temperature drop, could also lead to the umbilical collapsing under a vacuum within the fluid filled lines.

Pressure monitoring is therefore essential during these stages of pre-commissioning and The Impulse Group can offer a selection of manifold options to meet a wide range of requirements.

Monitoring & Testing System Capabilities

As the monitoring & testing systems are usually mounted close to the umbilical termination head, access and space constraints are almost always a concern. The Impulse Group Umbilical Pressure Monitoring System offers wireless pressure monitoring that provides real time graphical data that can be viewed on a tablet or personal computer. With up to 800m  range without need for a booster, the system provides the necessary pressure monitoring within congested spaces typical of transportation and installation vessels.

The equipment is designed to make the most efficient use of space, and if offered in a compact lightweight design to ease handling and installation. The Impulse Group offers the flexibility of  each system being bespoke to the project’s specific requirements.

The umbilical monitoring and testing kit will be fully assembled and tested in house, prior to shipment where they will arrive tested, cleaned and ready for mounting/use.

  • Wireless Monitoring Capabilities
    • Pressure range (0 to 700Bar+)
    • Temperature (-50°C to +200°C)
    • Free iOS and Android mobile apps for viewing and logging Data
    • Create custom projects / visuals
    • Free Windows PC logging software
    • View up to 100 Sensors date at a time
    • Multiple transmitters can be synced to one display
    • Up to 800m data transmission distance
    • From 5ms…60s selectable scanning rates
    • Standard battery powered (2xAA)
    • Password Protection
    • Set alarms and trigger events for data logging
  • Pressure Relief System
  • Modular system to support up to 0-6 umbilical lines each. More lines can be added to the system.
    • Available to Suit Your Project Requirements
    • Port Sizes to Suit Your Project Requirements (Generally ¼” to ½” Available in a range of fitting types such as BSP, NPT and JIC)
  • Pressure Range for Testing up to 18,000psi
  • Fluid sampling ports to a range of cleanliness specifications
    • NAS 1638 / ISO 4406:2021 Hydraulic fluid power — Fluids — Method for coding the level of contamination by solid particles
      • Hydraulic Lines – SAE AS 4059 Class 6 B-F
      • Chemical Lines – SAE AS 4059 Class 8 B-F

The Umbilical Monitoring Kit will come supplied with a backing plate for welding or fixing to the desired location, complete with the associated fittings and hardware to the customers’ requirements.

  • M12 Lifting Points to Aid Handling and Mounting
  • Valves c/w Associated Fittings and Spares
  • Hoses c/w Associated Fittings and Spares
  • Instrumentation (Gauges, Wireless Transmitter c/w Software Package)

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