J-Tube Seals

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Pressure Retention

J-Tube Seals are typically designed to ensure long-term pressure retention within the J-Tube following installation of new riser to a platform. The seal allows a constant over-pressure to be applied via the platform corrosion inhibition system, and also ensures seawater cannot enter the J-Tube & provide fresh oxygen which promotes corrosion. 

J-Tube Seal

Mechanical Support

A J-Tube Seal can also provide a mechanical support within the J-Tube bell-mouth to ensure flexible risers are not subjected to excessive point loading. A connection for bend restrictors can be implemented to ensure the mechanical support is continued all the way to the seabed. 


J-Tube Seals can be provided in many formats to meet the project requirements, our most common are as follows;

  1. Diver Installed
  2. ROV Activated
  3. Passive
  4. Plugged


Flexible Riser Repair System

Annulus Test Kit

Bend Restrictors

Friction Clamps


Cable Protection

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