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The Fast-Lok Boltless Bend Restrictors offer the subsea flexible pipe industry three major advantages compared to the traditional 6-bolt systems:

  1. A 20 to 30% reduction in equipment cost dependent upon the size of the product.
  2. An 80% reduction in installation time
  3. A design of protection system that meets the material selection criteria of Norsok M-001
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Fast-Lok bend restrictor systems are fully qualified, with all testing activities performed in-house on our purpose built static load test and dynamic cycling test machines. The system can be supplied in modular form, pre-assembled with one locking pin. Using the packaging cradles supplied, each 1.5-m to 2m long module can then be quickly interlocked.  The design of the Fast-Lok not only dramatically improves the installation time, but removes any potential for galling of stainless steel fasteners. 


For a long-term subsea design life the locking pins are manufactured from titanium grade-5 in accordance with NORSOK M-001 material selection. 


However, as with all of our products, a bespoke service is available to suit a clients specific project requirements. All custom-made systems are subjected to a formal design process including Finite Element Analysis. The manufacture of each system is carefully controlled and monitored with full material traceability and testing performed. 


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