Riser Annulus Test Kit

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Regularly check integrity with your own annulus test kit

For businesses within the oil and gas industry, annulus testing is vital to the safety and security of subsea operations. As well as offering in-situ annulus testing, we also know that working with limited space available can make it difficult to accommodate the one to two engineers required when testing the annulus of flexible pipelines. Our annulus test kits are ideal for businesses looking to conduct their own riser inspections.

The kit comes complete with all of the necessary equipment you need to test the annulus of flexible risers. By ensuring the outer sheath integrity and identifying corrosion, you can take preventative measures when required and maintain the service life of your equipment.

The annulus testing kit capabilities

Annulus testing kits are designed to be portable at roughly the size of hand luggage, but this doesn’t mean compromising on results. Our kits provide a fast, efficient, and highly accurate reading, with an extensive range of capabilities.

  • Positive pressure testing and negative pressure testing
  • No external power source required
  • Gas sampling
  • ATEX rated for classified areas
  • Test ‘live’ production pipes

The riser annulus test equipment comes complete with all necessary kit to allow the operator to get accurate annulus test results. Our kits have been designed so that the annulus test can be undertaken during pipe operation. By testing the flexible riser integrity, you can identify future problems and prevent significant damage from being caused.

Annulus test kit training available

At The Impulse Group, we know how important training is, especially when it comes to the complex process of annulus testing. When you buy an annulus test kit from us, you’ll also get full training on using the kit, ensuring your engineers have all of the tools and training necessary to conduct testing on your behalf.

Our dedicated training covers the full operational procedures and comes with instructional videos on the different parts of the test. If you ever need to recap your training, The Impulse Group’s YouTube channel covers sections of the tests to refresh your knowledge, from vent port and pressure systems to vacuum testing and gas sample collection.

Service, maintenance and support

Keeping your kit operational and accurate is vital for the safety and security of your business. When you choose The Impulse Group, you’ll be offered optional annual service and maintenance contracts to keep the kit fully functional for a year. We will recalibrate gauges and replenish any tools to ensure that each test you complete is accurate. As part of this service and maintenance contract, you’ll benefit from our 24/7 onshore support, giving you a direct link to our engineering team in Morpeth. Our dedicated team are on hand to support operational issues and to assist in results reporting and validation, giving you support when you need it most.

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At The Impulse Group, we offer a variety of products and services to assess and monitor flexible pipe risers and flowlines. Our integrity management solutions and products ensure that your business only takes the necessary intervention steps, preventing downtime, promoting safety, and ensuring the effective continuation of operations.


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