Our Products

Our Products

The Impulse Group offers a range of products designed bespoke to your cable or flexible pipe project.  We partner with various manufacturers who can manufacture our designs in accordance with API 17L and industrial specifications.

The Impulse Group Annulus Test Kit for flexible riser annulus testing

Bespoke Products to meet your needs

The website contains a number of our standard products to meet the needs of the cable and flexible pipe industry, however we have unique design experience, structural and CAD engineering on-site and a wealth of knowledge so if something is not listed, please feel free to contact us and I’m sure we will be able to help source the design, manufacture and supply for your project needs.

Flexible Riser outer sheath repair system

Flexible Repair System

A solution that enables repairs to the outer sheath of a flexible pipe without the need to shut down production.  Energised by diver or ROV from end flanges without the need for any fill media.  

J-Tube Seal
J-Tube Offshore
J Tube Seal Subsea

J-Tube Seals

Bespoke designed and manufactured to suit any project requirement, pipe diameter, pressure and environment. 

Bend Restrictors - clamp
Bend restrictor

Bend Restrictors

The quickest and most versatile solution available on the market today.  Activated with pins rather than traditional bolting.

Flexible pipe hold back clamp / friction clamp
Friction Clamp - Diver installed clamp
Hold Back Clamp
Flexible Riser Friction Clamp

Friction Clamps

A full range of friction clamps for installation, recovery and hold-down. In house design and manufacture service.

Guide tube centralisers, clamps and friction clams


Full, simple-to-install guide tube centraliser systems protect flexible risers during complex pull-in operations.

Annulus Test Kit The Impulse Group Flexible Pipe Integrity Testing

Annulus Test Kit

The first stage of integrity management is offshore annulus testing, this coupled with a robust IM plan can assist in mitigating operational risks.

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