Flexible Riser Annulus Testing - Vietnam

Flexible pipe riser integrity management annulus testing and annulus test kit from the impulse group

The Project

PETROVIETNAM sought to ensure the integrity of their flexible pipe risers and flowlines and reached out to The Impulse Group as a partner they could trust. The scope of work was to perform flexible riser annulus testing for three risers (~ 2km), from an MT1 gas platform to the FSO, that has been in production since 2011.  

Our Solution | Annulus Testing and Integrity Appraisal

We rapidly deployed our state-of-the-art mobile annulus test kit and an engineer to the field. With decades of experience in flexible pipe annulus testing, our engineer was able to quickly and efficiently perform routine testing and visual inspections in line with API recommendations to determine the integrity and safety of their flexible pipes.

The Impulse Group determined that the riser outer sheath was intact and made recommendations for frequency of future testing. All recommendations were specific to the client and based on factors such as the operating conditions, pipe age, and service life.

During inspection, we also discovered that some of the annulus vent valves had been painted over and fouled. We were able to recondition the vent valves and test them for correct operation.

This solution helped PETROVIETNAM save time and money by reducing the number of unnecessary inspections while maintaining safety standards throughout operations at the Bien Dong field.

Flexible Riser Annulus Testing - The Impulse Group Offshore in Vietnam

“The Impulse Group offered their professional services from the very beginning of the project. The team were friendly, knowledgeable, and showed their competency. The job was carried out successfully and safely as planned, despite extreme weather. We look forward to working with The Impulse Group again on our future projects.”

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