Flexible Pipe Project Management & Delivery

Supporting you with the manufacture and delivery of flexible pipe projects to ensure delivery on time and on budget

Flexible pipe systems and effective management

Engineering project management is essential for organisations seeking to manufacture and deliver flexible pipe projects on time and within budget. With experience in manufacturing, integrity, and the oil and gas industry, our dedicated team can help support your project needs.

Our project and delivery managers know every pitfall of delivery, helping you to mitigate risks and get first-class quality from the initial conception through to installation. Take the stress out of the manufacturing process with an effective management system.

Project management to mitigate risks and optimise your budget

Operating conditions can present significant problems throughout your project. Subsea flexible risers undergo high pressure, which can cause failures and corrosion if not fitted properly. Project management is designed to identify any potential problems through fatigue analysis and risk mitigation to keep your project on track and within budget.

Complications and delays can drive the cost of a project up. We can complete several risk profiles on your project and mitigation techniques to help you stay within your budget.

  • Riser inspection
  • Annulus testing
  • Videoscope annulus inspection
  • Cable protection
  • Flexible repair systems

Recent delivery and project management

Our engineering experts have helped companies with pipeline delivery and project management, as well as a range of other services. Read about some of our recent projects below: 

The Impulse Group has been involved with supplying specialist engineering resource into Baker Hughes Flexible Pipe Manufacturing in Newcastle, UK for many years now. We offer bespoke packages for project specific work covering everything from design through manufacturing and pipe delivery. We continue to support this work with Baker Hughes and are working with them on new scopes in flexible engineering.

We were approached by 2HOffshore riser engineers through our consultancy support contract with them to produce a test kit to undertake offshore testing of a riser which was potentially subject to breathing through the venting system which was not fitted with non-return valves.  Our study involved designing and manufacturing a bespoke kit, mobilisation and reporting of the findings.  Turns out risers can breath!

A standard polymer product from us for cable protection and our fast-lok bend restrictors were suppled to Dong Energy for a wind turbine project in the North Sea.  Enquiry to manufacture and delivery within 4 weeks.  Included in this scope were also some bespoke spacer modules which ensured regulation spacing was maintained between cable crossings.

Our standard positive pressure kit has been used twice on the Dana platform in the North Sea testing the integrity of flexible pipe outer sheath.  The kit is easy to transport, adaptable and the results prove definitive for understanding each riser condition for future integrity management.  These results are then fed into a fieldwide IMR plan.

The Impulse Group offer riser test kits for sale and Fairtex operate in West Africa as an integrity provider.  The Impulse Group work alongside Fairtex for flexible pipe integrity supporting their business including the supply, maintenance and support for annulus testing.

We are an approved supplier for the US training company Petroskills and as such we often undertake the delivery of their Subsea Systems course on a global platform.  These courses are run by field experts and we are proud to support them with out knowledge base.

Part of our business is to educate and train other engineers in the unique make-up of flexible pipe technology.  We have adaptable training courses available from 1-5 days, on this occasion we were invited to provide the UK HSE with a full week of training on flexible pipe technology covering areas from design through manufacture, integrity management and inspection.

Our Technical Director Chris Spraggon was the author behind the Energy Institutes Non-Metallic Assessment Guidelines for flexible pipe and bonded hoses.  The guidelines were compiled over a period of 2 years with publication in late 2021.  If you are interested in learning more about this scope then the guidelines can be found here.

Leading the field in flexible pipe riser
and flowline integrity management

Flexible risers and flowlines are specialist products that come with a range of challenges. At The Impulse Group, we are committed to quality, delivering a range of ancillary products, inspection services, and engineering support to keep your operation running smoothly.

Additional services from The Impulse Group

The Impulse Group is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals with project and delivery management. Our expertise in flexible pipelines and production systems will give you the support you need. We offer a range of other services to keep your projects running smoothly.

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