3rd Party Inspection Services

Your onsite representatives to ensure projects are delivered to exact specifications

What is a third-party inspection?

Third-party inspections are conducted by an onsite representative from another organisation with relevant industry experience. This provides a level of objectivity to projects and allows for an outside perspective. The inspector may identify potential pitfalls or errors that your team haven’t spotted, or they may have an understanding of certain areas of expertise or certifications that are currently missing in your team.

Training your in-house team in all areas can cost your company time and resources that they don’t have, so hiring a third-party engineering inspector is often the most cost-effective solution.

What should you look for when arranging independent third-party inspection services?

There are many points in your project where you’d benefit from inspection reports. It may be that you need a pre-production inspection to ensure that your organisation and supply chain is set up correctly for the upcoming project, or a pre-shipment inspection to check the quality of products prior to arrival.

With the different types of inspections, you may find that final inspections are what you need as they give you a complete picture of the success of the project.

Quality is a vital part of the process, so quality assurance and quality control are essential to your project. Your third-party inspection consultancy will take you through the inspection report and the areas they have looked at, giving you the understanding you need of what has been done.

Benefit from our knowledge of accreditations and certifications

An on-site representative for third-party inspections will be invaluable to your project. Their knowledge of engineering, as well as objective viewpoint, can help to identify potential problems and ensure your project is delivered to the highest standard.

At The Impulse Group, our team has extensive knowledge of different certifications, as we are currently working towards ISO accreditation. Save valuable resources by consulting our third-party inspectors and gaining insight into the following international standards:

  • API (American Petroleum Institute)
  • ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation)
  • ANSI (American National Standards Institute)
  • DNVGL (Det Norske Veritas)

Third-party inspections in oil and gas companies completed by The Impulse Group

Complications can arise in any project, with some areas out of your control. At The Impulse Group, our quality inspection services will help you, and we have already helped several clients in different industries.

Get complete peace of mind for all subsea fabrication activities with third-party inspectors

Whether you need someone to conduct a thorough inspection of your flexible pipeline integrity or you want to ensure that your project is completed safely, we can help. Our dedicated team boasts a high level of technical expertise in a range of areas. No matter the engineering project, we can help.

Meet Our Team

If you are looking for a team with over 100 combined years of experience in oil and gas, manufacturing, integrity, project management, logistics, and engineering, you’ve come to the right place. The Impulse Group are specialist in flexible pipe risers, flowline integrity, and other engineering projects.

Senior Management Team

Chris Spraggon

Managing Director

Chris has over 18 years of experience in oil and gas specifically within the field of flexible pipes.  His experience covers everything from design through manufacture, quality, installation, operation, and integrity management.  Considered an expert in his field he has advised clients on some of the most challenging flexible pipe projects globally and has written numerous publications on flexible pipe integrity management.  Chris is a founding director of The Impulse Group and is integral to its growth and vision.  

Oil and Gas

Adam Armstrong

Engineering Director

Adam is a talented oil and gas engineer with over 15 years experience in flexible pipe design, materials and assembly.  He has a passion for engineering design and calculus and is central to the development of The Impulse Group.  Adam has indepth knowledge of flexible pipe design and integrity management and heads up the operations team here at The Impulse Group.  Working alongside our development team he has initiated, designed and implemented many of our offshore integrity testing products.  

Oil and Gas
Flexible Design

Martin Harbottle

Technical Director

Martin Harbottle heads up our Engineering team here at The Impulse Group as Technical Director.  With an extensive CV in many areas of engineering including flexible pipes he is an expert in all things mechanical.  Martin has a passion for first principle engineering and is key to the development of our team, services and product development.  

Oil and Gas
Flexible Pipe Design
Project Management

Gilles Gardner

Chief Engineer

Gilles is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years specialist experience in the design, analysis and integrity management of flexible pipe systems including cross-section design, in-situ analysis, manufacturing, delivery management, fatigue assessments, life extension, monitoring and inspection.  Gilles also heads up our Technical team in our Aberdeen facility.

Oil and Gas
Integrity Managment
Subsea Analysis

Operations and Development Team

Michael Old

Product Development Manager

Michael has a fantastic background in oil and gas having been in the industry for over 10 years.  He has experience in all areas of subsea infrastructure from flexible pipes, umbilicals and subsea cables.  Michael support us with many projects from pipeline initiation through to life extension and is currently steering our product development in offshore flexible pipe integrity.

Oil and Gas
Product Design and Development
Subsea Engineering

Stevie Hunton

Operations Manager / (TEMP Quality Manager)

Stevie is an experienced engineer and project manager with extensive history in the oil and gas industry in particular with flexible pipe integrity.  At The Impulse Group, Stevie gets involved with all things to do with operations from annulus testing to bespoke inspection services as well as project management.

Oil and Gas
Project Engineering
Project Management

Engineering and Technical Team

Graham Lloyd

Lead Engineer / (TEMP HSE Manager)

Graham has extensive experience in engineering from his early career in the Royal Air Force through to over 15 years experience in flexible pipe manufacturing, project management and design.  Graham is key to leading our teams of flexible pipe engineers both experienced and new to the industry with his significant wealth of knowledge in this subject.

Oil and Gas
Project Engineering
Flexible Pipe Design

Phil Gibbin

Senior Engineer

Phil has a wealth of experience in flexible pipe manufacture and project engineering.  Previously Phil has worked directly for a flexible pipe manufacturer and is key to running some of our new projects through to installation.  His knowledge of ancillary components and product design is second to none and he supports our teams in all aspects relating to early project phases.

Oil and Gas
Project Engineering
Ancillary Design

Ed Hulme

Lead Contract Engineer

Ed Hulme is a Lead Flexible Pipe Engineer for The Impulse Group with an impressive background in product development, project engineering and project management.  He brings with him significant knowledge of flexible pipes following a long career with a flexible manufacturer.  One of the first engineers to join us on this journey of flexible pipe engineering, Ed continues to develop, manage and engineer new pipe projects.  

Oil and Gas
Project Engineering
Flexible Pipe Design

Lee Steabler

Mechanical Engineer

Lee is a recent graduate with MEng from Sunderland university.  He joined our team to learn about flexible pipe technology and has been integrating into the company using his recent university learning.  Lee is key to our product development and technical documentation development.  He is a quick learner and has picked up a number of technical scopes since joining.

Product Design
Project Engineering
Ancillary Design

Andy Cooper

Lead Contract Engineer

Andy is a consultant engineer for us at The Impulse Group specialising in flexible pipe projects, interface management and subsea integrity management.  He is available to support client work scopes as and when required and is integral to supporting our manufacturing and quality control work for some of our key clients.

Oil and Gas
Project Engineering
Subsea Systems

Ollie Wade

Lead Contract Engineer

Ollie is a consultant engineer for us at The Impulse Group specialising in flexible pipe projects and project management.  He is available to support client work scopes as and when required and is integral to supporting our manufacturing and quality control work for some of our key clients.

Oil and Gas
Project Engineering
Flexible Pipe Engineering

Business Development Team

Neil Stephen Headshot 3 copy

Neil Stephen

Business Development Manager

Neil has significant experience in flexible pipe engineering, integrity management and subsea technology.  He has an extensive track record of working closely with customers in all regions of the world and is key to assisting us in developing our products and services to serve our marketplace.

Oil and Gas
Business Development
Integrity Management
Gabrielle Mason Headshot 1 copy

Gabrielle Mason

Marketing Manager

Gabrielle heads up our marketing team here at The Impulse Group, she has an extensive track record in marketing and launching of new products and is key to our brand image and driving our company forward.  If you’ve heard of us then it’s likely Gabrielle is behind the marketing material.  

Oil and Gas
Product Development

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