3rd Party Inspection Services

Your onsite representatives to ensure projects are delivered to exact specifications

What is a third-party inspection?

Third-party inspections are conducted by an onsite representative from another organisation with relevant industry experience. This provides a level of objectivity to projects and allows for an outside perspective. The inspector may identify potential pitfalls or errors that your team haven’t spotted, or they may have an understanding of certain areas of expertise or certifications that are currently missing in your team.

Training your in-house team in all areas can cost your company time and resources that they don’t have, so hiring a third-party engineering inspector is often the most cost-effective solution.

What should you look for when arranging independent third-party inspection services?

There are many points in your project where you’d benefit from inspection reports. It may be that you need a pre-production inspection to ensure that your organisation and supply chain is set up correctly for the upcoming project, or a pre-shipment inspection to check the quality of products prior to arrival.

With the different types of inspections, you may find that final inspections are what you need as they give you a complete picture of the success of the project.

Quality is a vital part of the process, so quality assurance and quality control are essential to your project. Your third-party inspection consultancy will take you through the inspection report and the areas they have looked at, giving you the understanding you need of what has been done.

Benefit from our knowledge of accreditations and certifications

An on-site representative for third-party inspections will be invaluable to your project. Their knowledge of engineering, as well as objective viewpoint, can help to identify potential problems and ensure your project is delivered to the highest standard.

At The Impulse Group, our team has extensive knowledge of different certifications, as we are currently working towards ISO accreditation. Save valuable resources by consulting our third-party inspectors and gaining insight into the following international standards:

  • API (American Petroleum Institute)
  • ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation)
  • ANSI (American National Standards Institute)
  • DNVGL (Det Norske Veritas)

Third-party inspections in oil and gas companies completed by The Impulse Group

Complications can arise in any project, with some areas out of your control. At The Impulse Group, our quality inspection services will help you, and we have already helped several clients in different industries.

Get complete peace of mind for all subsea fabrication activities with third-party inspectors

Whether you need someone to conduct a thorough inspection of your flexible pipeline integrity or you want to ensure that your project is completed safely, we can help. Our dedicated team boasts a high level of technical expertise in a range of areas. No matter the engineering project, we can help.

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